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Absolutely never ever go to these morons!I had a port rip off of a 1 TB external Hard Drive.

An easy fix, all I needed was a new outer case and board on the drive. They took it in and told me that it needed to be "reblocked" (no such thing by the way) They told me that I needed a new hard drive they talked me into buying a 2 TB drive at twice the price. I really wanted the larger drive. However they also told me that the old Drive would still work though it's reliability may be less.

All they did to the drives was transfer the data to the new drive and trick me into buying a new drive from them so I was spending more money. The old drive was in perfect shape so just to make sure they screwed me totally they gave me the drive back and threw a magnet in with the drive to finish it off. Now a few months later the new 2 TB drive I bought from them has failed and I have lost all the data I needed for my business. Digital Majic took me for a ride and made me pay a ton of money just to get nothing in return.

My new friends over at Omega Computer Consulting and Repair helped me out and together we figured out how to get my data back. If you need computer help in St. Cloud MN go to Omega CCR at 203 Cooper Av.

N St.Cloud.

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Hello, I work at Dijital Majik, I was not apart of the company when you had this issues, and I realize this is a 5 year old thread, however for those reading this, and if the original poster reads this, then I hope to show some light on this situation.I do realize that there is no making up for the issues that you encountered at our location, and I was not apart of the original situation since I did not work for the company at that time, but still I apologize for your issues with our store.

Now onto explaining what the tech that helped you meant by reblocking the drive, when a drive is installed into an external enclosure the enclosure has what is called a allocated unit size, otherwise known as a block, this allocated unit size sometimes is different then the normal allocated size in an external drives, stand alone enclosures use the normal allocated size that a computer uses, this is for capability reasons, but sometimes they can't not use different allocated sizes that an external drive may use, reallocating the unit size can be a quicker easier fix, this of course may not of been the total story behind the reasoning behind the tech recommending you purchase a new drive.

As a common practice if we see anything indicating a failing drive we like to test the drive with what is called a surface test, if the drive comes back with any errors on our tests then we highly recommend replacing the drive, this does not always mean the drive won't function, it may...

Again this is our experience and due to that experience, it is a normal practice that we do because we know how important data can be, especially to businesses. Another common practice we recommend, and it may or may not of been recommended to you, but having your data in more then 1 location, for example, 2 or more external drives, that way if one may fail, it isn't the end of the world, or business in your situation. Hard drives can function for years, but they are mechanical, and may fail hours or even days after purchase, this is the reason that manufactures offer 1 year manufacture warranties on their products. If these drives were perfect and never failed, then manufactures wouldn't offer any warranties, because there would be no need.

However in any situation, we are glad you did get your business data back, regardless of how you feel about our shop, we do not like to see companies or individuals lose data, because of the impact and frustration such a situation has.

We would never wish that on anyone or any business.

Well I hope that this sheds some light on this situation, and hope that anyone reading this or if the original poster reads this, that they can see if from our point of view.Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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